We Know How Difficult Getting Started Can Be

Here’s a brief outline of the real phases an interior design project moves through so you know what to expect before you begin, and feel comfortable with the process.

Here is how we can help

Phase 1, Programming – The Programming Phase is like a first date. This is where we get to know you and your desires for your new space.  We’ll ask you a number of relevant questions, inventory your existing furnishings, photograph your space, and discuss your project budget and timeline.

Phase 2, Design Development – We develop new space plans, furniture plans, and color palettes, as well as select your new interior finishes such as paint, wallpaper, flooring, ceiling and window treatments, moldings, cabinetry and counter-tops. This is also the phase when any custom-designed pieces or treatments would be sketched for your review.

After we finish sourcing your job we meet with you to review the plans and finish selections and make any refinements needed.

Then we finalize your design drawings and meet with you once more before starting the final detailing of your plans and ordering your furnishings, fixtures and equipment.

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